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Embroidery can make any image look more professional and finished! We take any image (either provided to us or made for you by our artist) and create a digitized version for your garment. Digitizing is a fancy word for recreating the artwork into stitches. The digitizer programs the machine to embroider your design using thread colors that best match your art and then makes the stitches.

The Embroidery Process

What happens after we digitize? Production begins! The thread colors are loaded into the machines and then programmed to sew the design by color sequence and speed. The garment, whether that be a jacket or hat, is individually hooped and then loaded. Once it is loaded, the design is embroidered!

When the machine is finished, we un-hoop, inspect for quality, and then trim excess thread or felt on the backside of the garment.

Each piece is individually cared for and checked before reaching you!


Note — We highly recommend choosing simpler fonts without serifs for smaller text. Unlike screen printing, embroidery is less precise when it comes to stitching the thread for smaller shapes.

Price varies by thread count and there is also one time digitizing fee per design. Contact us for a quote

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